April 21, 2010

reel of unfinished works

March 13, 2010

udk: edge detection shader

A few months ago I made a post process effect for UDK that uses the scene depth to detect edges. It might be overly complex but the results are pretty good.

It needs to be tweaked for any level it's applied to in order to adjust for scale, fog, and desired level of detail. This version was adapted to VCTF-Sandstorm, one of the maps that comes with UDK.

I used the shader provided in this post as the basis for mine, and this post helped as well. This is another example I found more recently.

Click for full image

It's also possible to use the alpha component of the scene texture node instead of the scene depth node (the scaling values must be changed too).

February 14, 2010

hand eye social

I'm in the back there somewhere

On Thursday I was in Toronto to see Capybara and Superbrothers present their games Heartbeat and Sword and Sworcery. It was the first Hand Eye social of 2010. I didn't get to see much of the presentation because the place was packed and I could hardly see over the crowd, but it was still pretty exciting. Both games look (and sound) very cool. I'm interested in getting more involved in Toronto's indie game scene, so I was very happy to be there and I look forward to the next one.

Read this for more info about the event.

January 18, 2010


This semester I am working on a major project using UDK. I'll be documenting some of my work here. The project is a complete playable level which will hopefully be available for download once it's done. I'm part of a team of two and my primary role is to do the scripting that's required to customize the engine.

Some of the features I'll be talking about:
  • custom vehicle
  • custom weapons
  • custom character
  • animated materials

January 08, 2010


This is a little game I made for school in second year. The menus were made in Flash but the rest is pure ActionScript. It could probably use a timer and the audio should be replaced, since it is not original.

January 01, 2010

new year, new template

I'm going to attempt to revive this blog over the next few months by posting more of my work, documenting the two major projects I'm working on at school, and maybe writing some tutorials. I expect to be pretty busy though, so whether or not I'll have time for all that remains to be seen. 2009 was mostly crap with a few highlights; hopefully this one will be better for me. 2010 is cooler to say at least.

The new template is a modified version of this. The colours and the header image may be subject to change.

December 23, 2009

mughal tomb

Another assignment from my second year at college - a perspective drawing of a Mughal tomb.

December 19, 2009

jetpack basketball v1.01

messhof has released an updated version of Jetpack Basketball, originally made for Bivouac Urbain in August. It now features the option to play against the computer. Not as intense as playing against a human opponent, but still pretty good. The only thing the game lacks now is the ability to steal the ball, which sounds like it's coming in the next update (edit: and it's here).

December 16, 2009

life drawing

I had the opportunity to do some life drawing as part of my drawing classes in first and second year. This is probably my best one. I can't remember how much time I had, but it was probably about 30 minutes.

December 12, 2009

character turnaround

This is a turnaround of a princess type character that I drew last year. She's based on Kumatora from Mother 3.